Who we are

Our group consists of artists,curators and representatives of spaces whose work refers to new technologies and their social, political and cultural effects in the 21st century. Our spectrum ranges from digital art to electronic music, art and science cooperations, the Open Source and DIY movement, digital civil rights and network politics, to new technologies in performance art, music, visual art and, above all,interdisciplinary art forms.

21cc is a network of hybrid and digital practices.

What we do

We want to establish connections between traditional disciplines through new media. To this end, we invite independent cultural practitioners and representatives from administration and cultural policy to enter into an exchange with us. Some of our members have long been active in projects such as transmediale Vorspiel, the reSource network of transmediale and CTM or the Network of free Berlin Project Spaces.

Our attitude towards digitalisation

What holds this multi-layered group together is a critical and knowledge-based attitude to new technologies. In our work, we combine approaches from science and technology and investigate or translate them for the process of artistic production. Our main focus is on political education and social coexistence. By using new technologies as a starting point for our work, we expand the field of our original disciplines (visual arts, music, performance art) and create new connections across cultural disciplines.)

The link to Berlin

Berlin is a city that makes the digital transformation of our society particularly visible: People from all over the world come here,develop new business models and question traditional values and norms. Some also call Berlin the “European Silicon Valley”. But what does this mean for Berlin’s long tradition as a city of media art and media criticism?For decades, Berlin has been artistically illuminating and commenting on the digital transformation of our society, not least through internationally renowned festivals such as transmediale or re:publica. We see our work in this tradition and also want to contribute in the future to strengthening and further developing this foundation through knowledge transfer, the commitment of various communities and the nurturing of appropriate networks.What are our challenges?

The current funding situation

The practices and goals of this working group are not yet represented in the existing funding categories. We therefore want to help build a platform that conveys the social and cultural value of our projects.Our main concern is to critically question the ongoing digitalisation of our society using artistic means.

With the exception of short-term festivals such as transmediale, CTM or re:publica, there are no permanent medialabs or other media art festivals in Berlin.

Especially at a time when transnational media companies are taking up an increasingly large space in Berlin, an independent discourse on digital topics is of central importance.To this end, the various project spaces,galleries and networks working at the interface of art and digital technologies generally need greater visibility and a stronger connection to local art and cultural policy.

21cc seeks

  • continuous representation of our themes both within the independent scene and in the administration.
  • a permanent place and a contact point for media art / digital art in Berlin
  • consulting and knowledge transfer
  • greater transparency in state funding decisions (e.g. the percentage of
  • distribution of funds across different disciplines, or more information for decision-making on grant applications
  • clearer eligibility criteria in order to know in advance whether participation in a funding round is worth it at all

We would like to share our expertise with all those who contribute to the future design of Berlin in the field of cultural policy or urban development. We invite all those who find themselves here with their work and artistic practices to come to one of our next AG meetings and further develop this programme with us.


Position paper (EN)
Positionspapier (DE)